Nanotechnology and Materials Science

It is focused on how atomic structures of materials influence materials' mechanical, magnetic, optical and chemical properties within the scope of nanotechnology and materials science education.

Nanotechnology and Materials Science training is taught face-to-face.

Software Technologies

Students are taught basic programming logic, designing algorithms for problem solving and coding designed algorithms using C++ programming languagein Software Technologies education.

Software Technologies training is taught face-to-face.

Cyber Security

It is aimed at teaching basic information suitable for student levels, raising awareness and acquiring some basic skills in order to ensure cyber security with this education program.

Cyber Security training is taught online.

Energy Technologies

Raising awareness about renewable energy sources and the reasons why are needed is the main purpose of this education.

Energy Technologies training is taught face-to-face

Advanced Robotics

Students obtain general learning outcome such as robot types and their technological applications in industrial areas, choosing suitable sensors for the desired robotic application and applying basic signal processing methods by setting up a suitable hardware within the scope of this course.

Design and Production

The main purpose of the course is to acquire students with design-oriented creative thinking skills.

Design and Production training is taught face-to-face.

Mobile Application

Raising awareness about the access in the light of the concept of mobility by making applications about the control of the developed projects with mobile applications and the integrated working system with the Mobile Application education is aimed.

Mobile Application training is taught face-to-face.

Electronic Programming and Internet of Things

It is aimed to achieve the goal of providing students with the ability to produce algorithmic solutions to real-life problems obtained in Robotics and Coding training and to transfer them to the computer environment, and to produce solutions closer to real life with basic electrical-electronics and basic software knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence

The aim of the training is to raise awareness about how artificial intelligence can be used in different fields, to create a vision for the future of this subject by making applications that are aiming to automate developed projects, and to lay the foundation for artificial intelligence if students want to specialize in this field.

Aerospace Technologies

The development of aviation industry from past to present in the world and our country, types of aerial vehicles andflight principles of basic aerial vehicles are taught in Aerospace Technologies training.

Aerospace Technologies Training is taught face-to-face.

Coding and Robotics

In Robotic Coding training, students receive hands-on training on basic concepts of robotics, creating flowcharts, algorithms, gyro, decision structures, MicroPhyton.

Robotic Coding training is taught face-to-face.

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