Advanced Robotics

Students obtain general learning outcome about robot types and their technological applications in industrial areas, choosing suitable sensors for the desired robotic application and applying basic signal processing methods by setting up a suitable hardware, performing motion control of the motor using a ready-made development board, implemeting 2, 3 and 5 axis robot system applications with hardware and software within the scope of this course.

This course provides opportunity to reinforce previously taught and applied knowledge and make more in-depth applications. It is aimed that students will be able to design faster, stronger and smarter robots with the foundation they obtain in other education programs and with the elements that feed robotic technology. The course lasts 12 weeks. A task-based competition is held at the end of the lesson. Sample project subjects are indicated below.

Advanced Robotics education is conducted face-to-face.

Types of Robots

Technological Applications in Industrial Fields

C++ Programming Language

3D Printer

Selecting Sensor

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