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Trained human capacity is the most fundamental element of a society and country's technological self-sufficiency.

Turkish Technology Team

The Turkish Technology Team Foundation was established in order to ensure the participation of talented young people and people of all age groups in technology development processes, conduct and support startups, R&D, projects and activities aimed at the production of products, systems and components that are priority to be produced domestically and originally.  The Foundation carries out activities to identify and educate talented young people, contribute to the development of entrepreneurial culture in the field of technology and support scientific studies.

The Turkish Technology Team Foundation was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs and professionals who believe that it is inevitable for Türkiye to realize a national and domestic technology initiative so that it can raise its voice for a better world and take its place among economically and humanistically developed societies. The Foundation aims to contribute to Türkiye's National Technology Initiative with the projects and studies it conducts.

The most basic element of the technological self-sufficiency of a society and country is the trained human resources. Setting out on its journey with this belief, the Turkish Technology Team is carrying out studies aimed at increasing the human resources of Türkiye trained in this field.

The Foundation carries out projects in two main areas in line with this goal. Technical trainings and workshops for the young people with high potential that are studying in middle schools, high schools and universities as well as creating teams for project competitions and and problem solving activities constitute the main area of activity of the foundation. The Foundation's other activity areas include providing logistics, technical and counseling support in incubation and acceleration centres as well as capital support through venture investments and angel investor networks to technology startups that will provide added value to Türkiye.

Technology Stars of the Future Program

Middle school (4th and 5th grade) and high school (8th, 9th grade and high school preparation) students who want to be included in the Technology Stars of the Future Program complete their online application through our web site. Applicants undergo a selection process consisting of two stages, an e-exam with a total of 40 questions consisting of Mathematics, Science, Algorithms and General Culture and an applied exam. Our students who successfully complete the process within the designated quota are included in a 36-month training program at the Deneyap Technology Workshops.

Our instructor staff, which educates the Technology Stars of the Future, consists of undergraduate or postgraduate university students, studying in the field-related departments of universities, graduates, teachers and field experts working in the sector.

All our instructors participate in the instructor training, organized by us, in order to be able to teach at the workshops. As our trainings are application-oriented, we have two instructors in each classroom, one engineer and one teacher. In addition, we have a psychology intern in our classrooms who observes the instructors and students on a weekly basis in order to monitor the efficient implementation of the trainings.


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