A comprehensive development that can be described as a "National Technology Initiative" in science and technology!

The realization of a comprehensive and sustainable leap in science and technology on a national scale depends on the motivation of all segments of society towards this goal and the creation of a competent human resource in science and technology production.

Deneyap Technology Workshops were established with the aim of raising the generations who will realize the National Technology Initiative that will spearhead Türkiye. The curriculum and workshops prepared by expert instructors aimed at producing successful products with technological innovations on behalf of humanity and our country supporting the development of  the Technology Stars of the Future.

Identifying talented students who can contribute to the development of the country throughout the country and providing the necessary support for the development of these students are important. Making young people more productive with training programs focused on teamwork, innovative thinking and project development should be the purpose.

Deneyap Technology Workshop projects is aimed at transforming young people into individuals who can produce innovations in science and technology by providing sufficient physical facilities and equipment.


Students are taught at two different levels in Deneyap Technology Workshops: secondary school and high school. Students who are entitled to be included in the 36-month training program receive free technology training in eleven different fields including "Design and Production,""Robotics and Coding," "Electronic Programming and Internet of Things," "Advanced Robotics," "Cyber Security," "Energy Technologies," "Aerospace Technologies," "Software Technologies," "Material Science and Nanotechnology," "Mobile Application" and "Artificial Intelligence".

The training process consists of two different stages: the project-based courses for the first 24 months and the team period for the last 12 months. 



Course Period

Students are taught under eleven different subjects, including face-to-face and online, receiving technology and project development based trainings. The purpose of the program is to enhance students’ skills such as field knowledge in targeted disciplines, problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking, understanding the nature of science and technology, systematic thinking, working in a team by collaborating, adapting to new situations, entrepreneurship, questioning, curiosity, creative thinking, communication and raise individuals who can make R&D. 



Teams Period

Students who have completed the course period move on to teams period. They complete the process by submitting their graduation projects in main topics such as team building, project writing, entrepreneurship training in this period. Teams contribute to the National Technology Initiative by participating in national and international competitions with their graduation and other projects by receiving mentorship support.

Face-to-face and online trainings are provided with different application methods. Students choose one of the designated sessions on Saturday or Sunday in the face-to-face trainings, before noon or in the afternoon, and receive training in the workshop for 4 hours. Online training days change as weekdays or weekends.

Trainings on Design and Production, Robotics and Coding, Electronic Programming and Internet of Things, Advanced Robotics, Aerospace Technologies, Energy Technologies, Materials Science and Nanotechnology are provided face-to-face during the course period; Software Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Mobile Application trainings are provided on an online platform. Students are expected to participate in a competition or exhibition organization by forming a team in line with the research assignments given at the end of the project-based and applied training.

Flexible research topics based on current life problems are presented to students to teach them work as teams, develop research skills, produce prototypes and manage their time in an applied way. Students exhibit their projects at the “Projects Festival” at the end of the course.

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