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Trained human capacity is the most fundamental element of a society and country's technological self-sufficiency.

1.What are Deneyap Technology Workshops?
Deneyap Technology Workshops are the centres that were established to contribute to the National Technology Initiative and provide education with its 2-staged education model, including first 24-month of project-based courses and last 12-month of team period. 36-month free technology education in 11 different subjects is offered to students at workshops as face-to-face and online.

2.What is the purpose of Deneyap Technology Workshop?
The main goal of Deneyap Technology Workshops is to educate the young individuals whose competence in producing technology is high, by creating the driving force of the National Technology Initiative, which we consider indispensable for our country. The young people interested and skilled in this field are capable of achieving great success with sufficient opportunities and right guidance and supporting those young people on their journey to become productive and innovative individuals contributing to development of our country is aimed with the belief that there are young people are capable of becoming scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs of the future across Türkiye.


3.When were Deneyap Technology Workshops established?
Deneyap Technology workshops were realized within the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation) in 2017 within the framework of the Technology Stars of the Future with the purpose of training engineers, tech entrepreneurs and technology stars of the future for a fully independent and vigorous Türkiye.

The Deneyap Türkiye was started as a result of joint effort of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Türkiye, TÜBİTAK and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation with a decision taken to establish 100 Deneyap Technology Workshops in 81 provinces within the framework of 100-day Action Plan of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye.


4. We want to study at Deneyap Technology Workshops, how can we join education program?
4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and high school preparation students that reside in the provinces to be held Student Selection Exam apply to the exam during the designated dates. The number of students entitled to take the applied exam is 2.5 times the quota of each province. Ranking is calculated by 30% of applied exam and 70% of e-exam and students within the quota are entitled to enrol as the main list students.

5.Why can’t students of all grades apply to the exam?
Education in Deneyap Technology Workshops is divided into 2 groups as “Middle School” and “High School.”  Students in the beginning of their middle and high school education study at Deneyap Technology Workshops for 3 years until they graduate from their schools.

Calendar is considered to be able to complete the education program to be taught. As higher-grade students will have graduated from their school before they complete their education at Deneyap, only students from the designated level can apply to the exam.

1.Where we can apply to the exam?
Applications of candidates to the student selection exam (e-exam), which will be held online, are accepted on www.t3kys.com.

2.What should we pay attention to during the application?
You should read Exam Application Guide that is announced during the exam period vigilantly. You shouldn’t enter incorrect or incomplete information during application.

3. Are there any sources or subjects that we should study for the exam before it?
Reasoning, data analysis and interpretation, inferencing, problem detection, critical thinking, researching ability and designating variable skills
are assessed in the exam questions.
The exam is comprised of the questions assessing the skills not knowledge. Therefore, there are not any sources prepared for students to study for getting prepared for the exam beforehand.

1. How many questions does E-exam include?
The exam is comprised of a total of 40 questions including Mathematics, Science, Algorithm and General Culture.

2. How long does E-exam take?
Candidates have 100 minutes to answer questions.

3.What are the documents that students need to bring with them to the exam?
You need to be present at exam location at least 1 hour before the exam with “Exam Entrance Document" and a valid “ID Document.”

4. What can we do if we are late for the exam?
No candidate will be allowed to the exam when exam starts.


5. My student successfully passed the e-exam. What should we do now?
Student Selection Process for Deneyap Technology Workshops is comprised of 2 steps. The first stage is e-exam and candidates who were successful in the e-exam are entitled to take the Applied Exam, which is the 2nd step.
Candidates should follow the announcement exam entrance document for Applied Exam on deneyap.org.

1. What is Applied Exam?
It is application-based project study in which students who successfully pass the e-exam, the first step, are entitled to participate, out of the students that want to study at Deneyap Technology Workshops. Students are expected to design projects that will demonstrate their unique ideas and allow them to use their technical knowledge in line with the theme offered to themselves. They describe the project they complete in designated time. Evaluation is made considering various skills of students, such as expression, creative thinking, creativity, knowledge about the subject.

Click here for more information.


2. What documents should we bring with us on the day of Application Exam?
You need to bring the Applied Exam entry document and your ID with you to take the exam.

3. Are we allowed to take exam without our ID and Applied Exam entry document?
Students who have not their ID and Applied Exam entry document with them are not allowed to take the exam.

4. How long before the start of the exam should we come to the hall?
Students should be present at the exam centre 30 minutes before the start of the exam.


5. How long is the Applied Exam?
Exam duration is designated according to the project designated in the Applied Exam. The Applied Exam duration is indicated on the Exam Entry Document.

1. What education programmes are taught at Deneyap Technology Workshops? 
36 months of free technology education in 11 different subjects are taught at our workshops as face-to-face and online.

Education subjects;
(Face-to-Face Trainings)
• Design and Production
• Robotics and Coding
• Electronic Programming and Internet of Things
• Advanced Robotics
• Material Science and Nanotechnology
• Energy Technologies
• Aerospace Technologies

(Online Trainings)
• Software Technologies
• Cyber Security
• Artificial Intelligence 
• Mobile Application

2. Why are some trainings taught online while the others are taught face-to-face?
Trainings are taught both face-to-face and online at Deneyap Technology workshops in order to allow students to take more courses in line with their academic development.


3. On which days are trainings taught at Deneyap Technology workshops?
Trainings are taught with different application methods as face-to-face and online. Students choose one of the face-to-face training sections, which are held before noon (9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and in the afternoon (13:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) on Saturday or Sunday, and they study for 4 hours at the workshops. Online training days change as weekdays and weekends. 


4. How many weeks are students allowed to be absent?
Education duration of the 11 different subjects to be taught varies. Therefore, allowed absence rates are as follows;

  • 20% absence means that the student will lose the right to have a certificate.
  • 30% absence means that there will be no training name on the student’s diploma.
  • 40% and over absence mean that the student’s enrolment will be cancelled and the student will lose the right to study.


5. Which cases are accepted as excused absence?
Students must submit their excuse in writing for every week that they are absent. Documented absences are accepted as excused absence if student commission considers their excuse as valid.


6. Do we lose our education right if we exceed allowed absence? 
If students’ absence rate is 40% and over in a course module, they lose their education right.


7. What criteria are considered in transfer requests?
Deneyap Technology Workshops are established in 12 provinces within the 1st phase, in 18 provinces within the 2nd phase, in 27 provinces within the 3rd phase, in 42 provinces and within 4th phase and in 2 provinces within the additional phase. A student has the right to transfer his or her enrolment if the Workshop to which he or she requests to be transferred is in the same phase as his or her previous Workshop and if the new Workshop has availability. Transfer between phases is not allowed due to the fact that they began to operate in different years.

When a student request to be transferred to a Deneyap Technology Workshop that is in the same phase as his or her previous Workshop and that Workshop has availability, the reason of transfer request is examined by the student commission if there are more than one requests for the same workshop.

8. Can we request change of sessions?
Your requests to change sessions are evaluated by the responsible person at that workshop. Therefore, you need to address your request for changing sessions to the responsible person at that workshop. When you meet the necessary criteria, your request will be approved. Additionally, you can request change of session via the OBS system. Your request will be approved when there is availability in the session you requested to join.

9. Are there any certificates given at the end of training?
Students are given the certificate of the course, which they are taught, if will have conformed to attendance rules at the end of training. 

10. Is there any charge for the student who qualified for the education?
Education at Deneyap Technology Workshop is free of charge.  There is no charge for students entitled to receive training in the Deneyap Türkiye project.

1. When does teaming up period start?
Students who complete 24-month education period move on to 12-month within the Technology Stars of the Future Program. Teams comprised of Deneyap students continue process with a team captain and mentor.

2. How lectures are made during the teaming up period?
Students are not expected to visit Deneyap Technology Workshops actively during the teaming up period. Trainings on building teams, writing project report, entrepreneurship are provided online within the teaming up works. Teams are expected to produce innovative projects in line with specific themes as a result of the education received and submit them as graduation project. Teams that have produced innovative projects are supported to get prepared for national/international competitions with guidance of mentors.

3. How is Graduation Project preparation process realized in the teaming up period?
Graduation Project is the last step of the teaming up process. Ethical principles, grammar rules, uniqueness and applicability should be considered in the Graduation Project report. Students who have completed their reports and uploaded them to the system move on to the assessment process. Students’ project reports are assessed by the expert juries during the assessment process.

1. What kind of process is followed when students graduate?
Students enter the process of building teams when they complete their 2-year education period. They are expected to join competitions at home and abroad in this period after building teams in this period. 

Students can join the events and studies held within the Graduates of Deneyap Platform after they complete these 2 processes completely and graduate.

2. Can I retake Deneyap Student Selection Exam and become entitled to study at Deneyap again after graduating from it?
Students who have already been entitled to study at Deneyap Technology Workshops are not offered to study at Deneyap again in order to allow other students to study.


3. What are the benefits of education received for students after graduation?
Students are provided with applied education in various engineering fields at Deneyap Technology Workshops. Considering it, students will have acquired a solid fundamental in their Professional branch that they will pursue after their graduation while they are only in the middle and high school level.


4. What is Deneyap Alumni Platform? What it does?
Deneyap Alumni Platform is a graduate community that is comprised of people who graduated from Deneyap Technology Workshops and conducts studies to increase the collaboration and solidarity both among graduates and with the T3 Foundation, to strengthen the sense of belonging of students and graduates, to support professional and academic development of graduates with the mindset of life-long learning.

Activities include:

  • Graduate Camps
  • Graduate Meetings
  • Counselling for selecting intuitions for senior middle and high school students
  • Student clubs for various areas of interest
  • Supportive training in techinal and social fields.



1. Who can apply for Deneyap instructorship?
Preferably undergraduate or post-graduate students studying in the relevant departments of the universities, graduates, teachers of relevant branches and domain experts can apply for the field of instructorship announced.


2. How can we keep ourselves updated on announcements for instructorship application?
Announcements for instructorship are made based on the beginning and ending dates of the relevant trainings.

You can follow our social media accounts and www.deneyap.org to keep yourself updated on announcements for instructorship applications at Deneyap Türkiye. Click here to be notified during announcement period via e-mail.

3. Which steps should we follow to apply for Deneyap instructorship?
 You can apply for Deneyap Türkiye Instructorship through T3KYS.

4. What competencies are Deneyap instructors expected to have?
Instructors are expected to have competencies specified in the instructorships specifications that is released in the scope of fields for which instructorship application is received.

5.Which steps do we need to pass to be a Deneyap Instructor?
Candidates are expected to successfully pass “Pre-evaluation,” Technical Assessment,” “Competency-based Assessment,” “Face-to-face Assessment” and “Instructor Training” steps after their application made on www.deneyapturkiye.org.

*Instructor selection steps may change depending on the field of education.

6. Where we can learn the outcome of our instructor application?
You can learn the outcome of your instructor application on deneyap.org or t3kys.com by tracking your application. Additionally, you get notification via SMS on your mobile phone and e-mail when results are announced.

1. How can we participate in instructor training sessions?
If you successfully complete the face-to-face interview stage of instructor selection, you can participate in instructor training. In order for candidates to be able to become instructors, they need to complete all stages, including instructor training.

2. Where are instructor training sessions organized?
Instructor training takes place either at the Deneyap Workshops in your city or at an external training center as a camp, depending on the requirements of the relevant training content. It can also be conducted through online platforms.

3. What kind of training will we receive during instructor training?
Instructor training takes place based on the requirements of the relevant training content, either at the Deneyap Workshops in your city, as a camp at an external training center, or through an online platform.

4. Are instructor trainings paid?
Instructor training sessions are free.

1. What are the responsibilities of Instructors at Deneyap?
Selected instructors are expected to train Deneyap students following the instructor trainings provided. Individuals selected to be instructor need to sign Instructorship Contract in which they declare to teach in return for the training provided before starting to teach.

Instructors are expected to take part in project festival/competition or similar events on the condition that they are assigned by the commission.


2. How long is the instructorship duration?
Instructors are selected for a fixed term in each education subject in Deneyap instructorship. Applications must be renewed to teach in the next training. Education duration changes depending on each education field.

3. How are instructor payments done?
Instructors’ wages are calculated in exchange for training provided and hourly. Payments are made on a monthly basis. 

4. What should we do in case of absence due to unavoidable situations?
It is mandatory for instructors to continue the course of which they are instructor until it is completed as long as there is not a compelling reason (appointment, assignment, severe health problem).
Instructors are not given participate certificate if they are absent from 20% or more of the courses of which they are instructor. Instructors should submit their document proving the reason of absence (medical report, assignment letter, appointment or assignment status document) to responsible person of administrative affairs in their province when they are absent.

Instructors lose their right to be instructor when they are absent from 30% or more of any course.


5. Does our right to be instructor accepted as invalid when we move to another city due to unavoidable conditions?
You need to submit a document proving your situation through e-mail if such a case arises. Evaluation is made considering the following situations:

1) Availability status at the workshop to which assignment is requested 

2) Existence of Deneyap Technology Workshop in the province to which assignment is requested

3) Compatibility of the current education of the Deneyap Technology Workshop to which transger requested with candidate’s field of education 


6. Will we receive any certificate at the end of education?
Instructors are given certificate of participation at the end of Education.

1. In which provinces is education offered currently?
Deneyap Technology Workshops are located in 81 provinces, Azerbaijan and Syria.
Deneyap Technology Workhops continue their education in 3 countries and 84 provinces with 142 workshops.


2. How can we get information about workshops?
Click here to view contact and address information of our workshops. 

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