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Trained human capacity is the most fundamental element of a society and country's technological self-sufficiency.

Deneyap Türkiye 

Deneyap Technology Workshops are spreading all over Türkiye with the ”Deneyap Türkiye" project launched in 2018.

An important collaboration established among the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye, the Ministry of the Youth and Sports of the Republic of Türkiye, TÜBİTAK and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation within the framework of the "100-day Action Plan" of our Presidency. Deneyap Türkiye was realized with the contributions of these 4 important institutions, which contribute to the development of young people in Türkiye, especially in the field of technology.

The main goal of Deneyap Türkiye is to educate young individuals whose competence in producing technology is high, by creating the driving force of the National Technology Initiative, which we consider indispensable for our country.

Middle School(4th and 5th grade) and high school (8th, 9th grade and high school preparation students) complete their online application during the application period announced on our website. Applicants undergo a selection process consisting of two stages, an e-exam with a total of 40 questions consisting of Mathematics, Science, Algorithms and General Culture and an applied exam.  Our students who successfully complete the process within the designated quota are included in a 36-month training program at the Deneyap Technology Workshops.

Our instructor staff, which educates the Technology Stars of the Future, consists of undergraduate or postgraduate university students, studying in the field-related departments of universities, graduates, teachers and field experts working in the sector.

All our instructors participate in the instructor training, organized by us, in order to be able to teach at the workshops.  As our trainings are application-oriented, we have two instructors in each classroom, one engineer and one teacher.  In addition, we have a psychology intern in our classrooms who observes the instructors and students on a weekly basis in order to monitor the efficient implementation of the trainings.

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