03 May 2023

Deneyap and Deneyap Kart were at TEKNOFEST Istanbul

As Deneyap, Deneyap Kart and T3 Underwater Systems Trainings, we organised activities for all ages at the T3 Foundation Stand and Science Street throughout the festival with the aim of a Turkey that develops technology. 
T3 Foundation Stand Deneyap Workshops
  • Goal Scoring and Balloon Popping activities with robot sets under the title of Robotics and Coding education,
  • Airplane Launch Pad and Newton's Pendulum activities in the Design and Production education topic,
  • Under Aerospace Technologies education, Propeller Airplane, Helicopter and Model Airplane activities and workshops were organised for student groups aged eight and above.

A total of 2,059 students were reached at the T3 Foundation Stand.


Science Street Experimental Workshops 

Workshops were organised for student groups aged seven and above with Night Lamp and Heart of Light activities under the title of Energy Technologies. 

The Deneyap Workshop held workshops for student groups aged seven and above with the Airplane Launch Ramp activity under Design and Production education.

A total of 980 students were reached in the Science Street Deneyap Workshops.

Science Street Deneyap Card Workshop 

In the Deneyap Kart workshop, workshops were organised for students and adults over 12 with activities such as the world of 1s and 0s, coding, making a phone screen and coding.

519 students were reached at the Science Street Experiment Card Workshops.

T3 Underwater Systems Introduction Trainings & Kiosk Activities

Within TEKNOFEST 2023, a pool was set up at the T3 Foundation stand to float underwater robots. During the 4-day event, a total of 1500 people had the experience of floating underwater robots in the pool. The game kiosks prepared by the scholarship holders played games with 150 participants.

T3 Foundation's history and projects were introduced to approximately 2,000 participants through quiz competitions.

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