26 September 2023

Deneyap and Deneyap Kart at TEKNOFEST Izmir, the world's largest Aerospace and Technology festival!

Deneyap Makeathon and Deneyap Ideahaton will take place on 27 September 2023 - 1 October 2023 within the scope of Deneyap students within the scope of TEKNOFEST İzmir Aerospace and Technology Festival.

Deneyap Ideahaton is a competition where teams will be fed with various trainings, seminars and mentorships and will share the ideas they have developed at Teknofest Izmir.

The aim of the competition organised under the theme of Sustainable Cities is to support the development of ideas to improve the quality of urban life within the framework of sustainability and livability principles in the field of smart cities.

Within the scope of the Deneyap Makeathon, teams are expected to produce and prototype a technological solution on the subject that will be given to them during the competition. Deneyap Makeathon has a Production section where software, electronic and mechanical equipment can be used as in Deneyap Technology Workshops. Important mechanical, electronic and software needs related to the problem solution will be provided to the teams.

Deneyap and Deneyap Kart Workshop areas at the T3 Foundation Stand are getting ready for TEKNOFEST visitors!

Our activities that bring our middle and high school students together with technology and science and improve their thinking and hand skills will host enthusiasts throughout the festival. 

TEKNOFEST Izmir Deneyap Workshops

1- Kızılelma Airplane
They will make a propeller airplane with the given materials inspired by the dragonfly. The designs of their airplanes will be inspired by the Kızılelma.

2-Engine Experiment Set
Students will be informed about DC motors and their working principles. Then they will practice propeller operation with the DC motor in the circuit they set up.

3- Rocket Design
Explains the history of aviation. Understand the working principle of the rocket and learn the concept of space. Students will be informed about DC motors and their working principles. Then they will design their unique rocket design in the circuit they set up.

TEKNOFEST Izmir Deneyap Kart Workshops

1- Rainbow Workshop with RGB Led
A rainbow example will be made with the built-in RGB LED using the Deneyap Mini Kart. Red, Green, and Blue will try to create intermediate colours using primary colours.

2- World of 1 and 0's Coding Workshop
A coding workshop will be held with the Deneyap 5x7 Led Matrix module and the world of 1s and 0s. Students will try to create shapes with 35 different LEDs on the LED matrix.

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