27 September - 01 October 2023

Within the scope of Deneyap Makeathon, which was organized specifically for Deneyap Technology Workshop students, teams were expected to produce "Technological Solutions for Energy Efficiency" and prototype this solution during the competition.  In Deneyap Makeathon, there was a Production section where software, electronic and mechanical equipment could be used as in Deneyap Technology Workshops. Important mechanical, electronic and software needs related to the problem solution were provided to the teams.

Within the scope of Deneyap Makeathon, 1005 teams and 3915 students applied. 408 teams and 1704 students participated in the video evaluation stage. As a result of their evaluations, 32 teams and 133 students qualified to be finalists. Teams that created their prototypes for 3 days made their presentations at TEKNOFEST Izmir on September 30, 2023. The teams that ranked in the middle and high school categories received their awards on the main stage of TEKNOFEST.


Training for Students Before the Final

- Effective Project Preparation

- Effective Presentation Techniques

Ranked Teams


🥇MaTiricie Jr. / Edirne Deneyap Technology Workshop
🥈Saraç Hekaton / Istanbul - Başakşehir Deneyap Technology Workshop
🥉Denecezerist / Istanbul - Eyüp Deneyap Technology Workshop

🥇DREAMSMAKING Geniuses / Kırklareli Deneyap Technology Workshop
🥈SoLo TÜRKLER / Diyarbakır - Bağlar Deneyap Technology Workshop
🥉VEGA / Manisa - Bilim Yunus Emre Deneyap Technology Workshop

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